About White Magic Samoyeds

I currently live in beautiful Sunny Orlando, FL with my husband Palmer Collier.  I lived in Brookfield, CT, with my husband Palmer Collier and my 25 year old daughter, Dana since 1996. Dana currently still resides on beautiful Candlewood Lake with a lovely view of the lake and the dogs swim in it and love it too!   Dana has two beautiful Samoyeds who live with her named Octavia and Magic.  Here is Dana with Magic her Octavia son, sired by Crush on a paddleboard enjoying Candlewood Lake.


I have two Samoyeds who live with us currently named Martini and Gator, who is named after University Of Florida Gators. We also have two Dalmatians, Tygra and her daughter BonBon as seen on the Too Cute show with Airel and her puppies on our Bark of Fame link you are welcome to enjoy!

Crush now lives in the Villages FL with his grandparents Lucette and Andre Fortier enjoying the retired life there in style.

Falcor, currently resides in NYC with Lizzette Fredericks and is a Service Dog for Lizzette and has been awarded the SERVICE DOG EXCELLENCE Award by the American Kennel Club.

I have many other Samoyeds who are Co-owned and part of our breeding program and live in the near-by towns of CT and in NY, MA, NJ, PA, GA, FL, OH, AZ and CA and other states in the US even farther away. I have wonderful working relationships with these families and their Samoyeds. This is why we always have new babies arriving thru out the year. Please fill out our Samoyed Puppy Application and submit it and we will send you our welcome letter.

My Ideal Samoyed

This is my personal view of what the Samoyed should be:

Bear heads, with beautiful smiles, long flowing tail that are gently over the back not too tight nor too loose. The length of back should be proportionate to the length of leg with a look that you feel is what the breed should represent. We all have our own picture on our minds what this Breed type should be, after viewing my pages and photos, you will see what White Magic Samoyeds Breed type is.

This means mechanically and anatomically put together correctly so they move in a single tracking motion, which when built correctly they move effortlessly. When they throw it in to sixth gear and over drive there is literally air in between the ground and their paws! This motion is done with little to no effort. It should take your breath away. For more detailed information you can see the Samoyed Breed Standard on the AKC Website.

A Sammy's coat is white and many have a trace of biscuit on the tips of the ears and other areas of the body. This brilliant magical flowing coat of white radiance with beautiful silver tips that glisten in the sun is amazing. It should be a hard coat on the outside with a soft undercoat.

Warning: Samoyeds are not guard dogs! But excellent watch dogs. Samoyeds eat, sleep and breathe for children and are gentle to every living creature on earth including cats, other dogs and people from Birth to 92!

About the Samoyed Breed

My style of Samoyed may not be what you are looking for, and that is all good as that is what makes this world a special and wonderful place. I have this magical example of a Samoyed in my head, and that is what I try to breed for when I do a breeding and start the next generation.

There are big Samoyeds, small Samoyeds, Samoyeds with big ears, small ears, long noses, short noses, big coats, short coats, light eyes, dark eyes, light pink pigment, black/dark pigment, short tails, long tails, long legs, short legs, long bodies, short bodies, round eyes, almond eyes, protruding eyes, deep set eyes. I can go on and on, but these different traits are what make the Samoyed a breed of dog, but I have chosen to take these certain traits and breed as true and correct to the breed standard as possible an adding a touch of my own personal White Magic passion.

A White Magic Samoyed puppy is a product of commitment that has endured the test of time and commitment with the final results are a brand of Samoyed due to a secret recipe that is driven by passion and love of the breed to produce the finest quality Samoyeds in the World. "Once your soul has been touched by a Samoyed it is hard to switch to any other breed of dog. Samoyeds are truly the World’s Best Kept Secret!