Read White Magic Samoyeds FAQs for More Info

Yes!  99% of people with allergies to cats and dogs can have a Samoyed thanks to the non dander and lanolin on their coats.  

Yes, when raised with cats they are very gentle and enjoy playing with cats

Speak to a reputable breeder who has experience with the breed and does all health checks to ensure they are producing healthy Samoyeds and that they are well socialized and have all health checks done prior to going to their forever home.

Yes!  They are excellent with children and Female Samoyeds are especially a perfect fit for a family with children as they are gentle and eat, sleep and breathe for them.

Yes!  They are pack animals and love to be with other dogs.  You of course will be their new pack, but they are great with other dogs.

Yes!  Males recommended grooming is once a month and females recommended every 4 to 12 weeks.  Nails should be done on all dogs monthly.

Yes and No.  Many Samoyeds love to swim in the pool, on lakes and rivers and even enjoy the ocean.  But many Samoyeds are not fearful of the water but have no interest in getting wet.  Many Samoyeds will even avoid a puddle not to get wet!

Anything they can get their mouth on!  But a good nutritionally balanced diet is very important, there are many good diets on the market, recommended protein should be 26 to 28% and fat no less than 14%.  Samoyeds do not require a lot of calories and most do very well on 700 calories or less a day.  More than that, typically will cause weight gain.

Yes!  It is not genetic but completely environmental.  Be Careful to not overfeed your Samoyed as even 5 to10 lbs over the ideal weight for the Samoyed can cause Diabetes.

Yes, they are used as Diabetic, Seizure and PTSD Service Dogs.  They are incredibly smart and easy to train for these conditions.

Yes!  In fact a Samoyed named Cloud from Naugatuck CT is the most titled therapy dog in the US with thousands of hours of therapy done with Children, children and adults with special needs and autism and the elderly and people with Alzheimers.

Yes!  They are a very soulful breed and know when their human needs their support.  This is a very intelligent and  intuitive breed and they are used for emotional support.