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Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Requirements to reserve a puppy

Fill out the Online Puppy Application

Puppy Application Form

$950 Deposit
You can text Palmer at (352)360-8300 to reserve a puppy. We accept deposits thru PayPal or by check; please call us to inquire. All deposits are non-refundable. If you need to cancel the time you are getting a puppy, the deposit can be moved to a different litter at any time of year. We have 2 to 6 litter per year bred with co-owned families throughout the US, so there is always a litter soon coming after one has been sold.

Shipping is available if necessary.

You are welcome to drive or fly to where your puppy has been born and raised. We can fly your puppy in cabin with a flight attendant thru several major airlines where you would meet the flight attendant curbside at the closest international airport near you. If you do not live too far from our Co-Owner there are private transports that we use and trust that can be hired to drive your puppy from the Co-Owners home directly to your home. The cost of flying or being driven depends on distance. We can get quotes for you at that time.

samoyed-puppies with toy

Puppies on planes are as safe as you or I flying. I have shipped dogs for more than 30 years now, and I always try to ship direct non-stop when flying puppies and adults. In my experience and opinion, my puppies are very comfortable, and the new owners tell me that their new puppy has arrived happy and not stressed.

Puppies can not be flown during the summer or when temperatures are 80 degrees or higher.

Due Diligence

All puppies are flown with ice water, bedding, and food attached to their crate if needed. NO drugs or tranquilizers are given as they are NOT required, and it is dangerous to do so. Shipping varies, but I prefer to use United Airlines here in the USA. They are wonderful with animals and have new planes with compartments made especially for kittens, puppies, birds, insects, etc.

Shipping requires more paperwork, a Health Certificate in the U.S., shipping outside of the US requires USDA paperwork and stamps, and also many times, a Rabies vaccination no earlier than 12 weeks of age, and the rabies vaccine must be 30 days old in the puppy before the puppy can be shipped into a new country.

Delta Dash and American Airlines also can ship animals via cargo too.


When shipping overseas to Denmark, Germany, or countries in Asia, shipping costs can go from $550 easily to $2,500 and more depending on the flight and agents needed to handle the dog and possible quarantines. If you are contacting me via a country outside the US, please get in touch with your embassy and find out your country's shipping requirements.

A Healthy Breed

Samoyeds, in general, are very healthy dogs. We have few health issues within our breed, and hip dysplasia has diminished to nothing over the past 10 years due to responsible breeding and OFA.

All White Magic Samoyeds are guaranteed for one year. The show and breeding quality Samoyeds are also guaranteed for one year, and their hips and eyes are to be certified at 2 years of age.

Certified Hips and Eyes
White Magic Samoyeds have all hips and eyes certified before breeding. The puppies are examined by a veterinarian at 8 weeks and have a full health check, worming, and vaccination before entering their new homes.

Many Wonderful Years
With proper food and nutrition, a healthy weight, your Samoyed will live many wonderful years. The average life span of a Samoyed is 12 to 16 years of age.