Are you thinking of owning a White Magic Samoyed Puppy?

Here are some important facts you should know about this breed.

Samoyeds are best known for their Hypo-Allergenic thick white coat. Samoyeds are also Family, Kid, Dog, & Cat Friendly and have been know to make amazing Service (PSTD) and Alert Dogs.

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Offering Beautiful & Healthy Samoyed Puppies and Breeding Services Since 1982

Healthy Samoyed Puppies

White Magic Samoyeds is one of the most popular Samoyed puppy breeders in the US

White Magic Samoyeds has a unique breeding program offering healthy puppies. The founder and owner, Carrie Parma-Collier, resides in Florida, and the Samoyeds do love it here!

Before this, she lived in Brookfield, CT, on a 25-mile lake called Candlewood Lake. The dogs used to swim and enjoy their time in the water.

Where It Began

Carrie started Magic Touch Grooming in 1982 in Mt. Airy, MD, and began her Samoyed journey at the same time. She decided to name her Samoyed breeding and showing program "White Magic Samoyeds".

Carrie moved to CT in 1995, where she started a new Magic Touch grooming salon in Danbury, CT. In 2014, she founded a new Magic Touch cat and dog grooming salon across the street from Brookfield Animal Hospital. Her daughter Dana took over the grooming business in 2014 that was started in 1995.

Samoyed with Carrie Parma-Collier
Samoyed with Carrie Parma-Collier taking certificate

Our Samoyed Breeding Journey

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Proud Samoyed Owners

Carrie has 2 Samoyeds living with her full time; Fantasy and Alabama. She also has 2 Dalmatians, the famous BonBon, who did the Too Cute Show with us, and her mother, Tigra.

She co-owns many Samoyeds living in the nearby towns of CT, NY, MA, NJ, PA, GA, OH, FL, and other states in the US. Carrie maintains a close relationship with these families and their Samoyeds.

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