Why White Magic Samoyeds

White Magic's Touch By An Angel

A Loving and Knowledgeable Environment

One good reason is almost 40 years of experience breeding healthy and amazing Samoyed temperaments, and nearly 60 years in the dog and pet industry.

All White Magic Samoyeds are born and raised in a loving home environment, socialized, and partially house trained as much as an 8 week old can be. They are cared for by a veterinarian with all de-worming and health checks. They have their first physical and vaccine before leaving to their new homes.

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We look forward to spending as much time as needed with each and every new family, mentoring and giving tips on raising their new puppy to have a long and healthy life. This alone is priceless, as White Magic Samoyeds supports each family with training, grooming, and caring for their new family addition.

On-Staff Grooming

If you are fortunate enough to live close to Brookfield, CT, you are blessed with Magic Touch Cat and Dog Grooming, located at 328 Federal Road in Brookfield, CT, where your Samoyed will have the best grooming care. The staff there is fully trained, and on a typical day, grooms 3-4 Samoyeds.


Breeding Outstanding, Healthy Puppies

All White Magic Samoyeds are X-rayed for hip dysplasia, eye certified by a canine ophthalmologist, heart certified by a board certified cardiologist, and the new Paw Print genetic DNA for PRA/RD, thus giving these dogs their CHIC certification before they are even considered to be used in our breeding program. Then if they are excellent examples of the breed standard and are either Champions or soon-to-be champions who have passed all certifications, they are then considered to be used in the White Magic Samoyeds breeding program.

White Magic Samoyeds breeds for the breed's future, breeding only what we feel are outstanding examples of the breed; fortunately for all the families seeking to own and love a Samoyed, we sell 80% - 90% of each litter to vetted pet homes.

Most of our pets could go on to be shown and bred (sometimes they do!), but that would not be realistic as the average pet home has no desire to go to dog shows or breed their family pet.

To summarize, due to all OFA testing performed before every breeding, we can guarantee the health and quality of every puppy.


Trupanion Pet Insurance

Immediate coverage from the moment you pick up your new puppy; New owners must call Trupanion within 24 hours of receipt.

Immediate coverage from the moment you pick up 

No waiting Period

Free for the first 30 days in Canada & All US States except for NY and FL

NY & FL still great discount to start 

Monthly price quoted never changes the entire life of the dog

Choose your own vet

Trupanion pays your vet directly

Sound Credibility

White Magic Samoyeds' reputation and credibility are more sound today than ever before. White Magic Samoyeds have produced many top winning Samoyeds worldwide and are proud to present these dogs to you. Enjoy, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We love speaking with the public and sharing our amazing dogs.