Deanna Enea

If I could give 1 million stars, I would probably still ask if I can give more. Carrie has enhanced my life in ways she will never know. 17 years ago I contacted Carrie for my first Samoyed. I had no idea what was in store. From our first contact, she was amazing - asked every question, discussed every concern and ultimately guided me to the perfect puppy - literally. She hand picked a few girls that would be the perfect fit for me. From the start, the process was exceptional and in the end that is what I got - an exceptional member of my family who will be celebrating her 17th Birthday next month. I will tell you White Magic is the creme de la creme in the dog world. Every where I go, people stop - and her beauty outside is only a window to the beauty of her soul inside. She has a sweet disposition and a personality that shines. There is a look White Magic has that is showstopping, and her breeding is parallel to that. Preparing for her 17th birthday says it all....health, beauty, disposition and the personal attention from a fabulous breeder, even 17years later is more than I every expected. Thank you Carrie for the sparkle of my eye 🙂

Amy Bertolino

We have had Skyla (daughter of Luna and Bolt) now for 5 years and she is truly an amazing pet! I never worry about her around kids or other dogs, she is just a total mush and loves attention and is very sweet and playful. She is so beautiful people are always stopping to pet her and ask me questions about her. Carrie has been wonderful - always available to answer questions.

Baron Hazen

Hard to believe our puppy, son of Dazzle and Bolt (May 15, 2013) will be 4 in a couple months! Juno is loved so very much by my wife and I as well as our 4 children! We stay in touch with our breeder and the amazing staff at WMS! Their the best and if there were 10 stars I would give them 100!

Suzanne Percello

Other people's experiences may vary, but mine has been and continues to be particularly positive. I've adopted many dogs over the course of the last 40 years and have been happy with all the breeders I've crossed paths with. But my relationship with those other lovely breeders ended the minute I walked out the door with one of their puppies.

White Magic, however, stands alone as the only breeder I would recommend. Their dogs are sweet, affectionate, absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, and their love and dedication to the Samoyed breed is unequaled. Furthermore, you are the one who ends up being adopted into the White Magic family when you adopt a White Magic puppy. Carrie and Dana continue providing you with their support for the life of the dog. Who could ask for anything more? If anyone has any questions about them though, leave a comment to my review and I'll gladly get back to you.

Joe Novella

I've had the joy to have two White Magic Samoyeds over the past 15 years. Not only are they amazingly beautiful and healthy but they are the best companions ever. Wonderful with children, friendly, affectionate and fun. Thank you Carrie for all the love and joy your Sammy family has given my family. And thank you for your expert guidance and ever available support (...even when things were difficult!)

Teresa Fazio

I've had the pleasure of knowing Carrie for 2 years & currently I had recently lost my Samoyed of 15 yrs & my children & I were devastated I got in touch with Palmer who in return put me in touch with Carrie & she is the most wonderful person you will ever meet. She is so caring & patient & always there to answer any questions I have for her I still talk with her to this day. Before I knew it I was going to be a mommy again to a sweet little girl who we named Harley Quinn.
We can't say enough good things about her either. She is the sweetest gentlest most loving puppy ever. We can't walk down the street without being stopped & asked what kind of dog she is & being told how beautiful she is. Anyone who has the pleasure of owning a puppy from White Magic Samoyeds is truly privileged.
Thank you Carrie & White Magic Samoyeds

Lizzette Fredricks

My White Magic Samoyed Falcor is my working service dog, he holds the AKC CGC title.
Thanks to Carrie and Palmer pairing me with Falcor, I have regained my mobility. He helps me walk, helps to stop me from falling down and if I do fall he helps me up or gets help. He picks up items I drop and cann't pick up by myself.
Thanks to White Magic Samoyeds breeding great true working Samoyeds, Falcor is not just a stunning looking dog, (which he is stunning) he has changed my life.
His great temperament has proven itself countless times. He travels with me, goes everywhere, restaurants, doctor and hospital visits. We have even taken college courses together .
Falcor is loved and welcomed everywhere we go. Falcor is six years old now and still learning new skills. Beauty and brains. What more can anyone ask for?

Amanda Cyr

White Magic Samoyeds has gifted me with an Amazing Beautiful Samoyed! My experience there since day one has always been a pleasant one. I have always felt welcomed and comfortable during my visits. Palmer & Carrie spent countless hours with me providing me information, letting me spend time with the dogs, and most of all giving me enough time to make sure I was completely happy with my decision. To this day they still provide help when ever I need it, it's good to know that as soon as you walk out the door, they don't just "shut you out". Getting a Samoyed from White Magic was one of the best decision I made and anyone thinking about getting a Fur ball from them will not be disappointed!

In addition to their great dogs, their grooming business is wonderful. Dana is very friendly and it's nice to know the people grooming your dogs love them as much as you do! (Not to mention they actually know how to properly groom a Samoyed). I spent a lot of time getting to know all the groomers and stuck around to watch them do "their thing", it showed me how much time and effort they put into every animal being groomed. My dog & I walk out satisfied everytime!

Let's just say I always look forward to my visits. 🙂

Elizabeth Prilik

After having a Samoyed for 13 years prior it took us three years to recover from the grief and loss. When we were finally ready we promised ourselves that we would be very particular. Our last samoyed was a fantastic dog and we loved him very much but he had hip dysplasia and a skin issue that caused us to have to put ointment on his nose daily. He was also extremely shy and it took him an exceedingly long time to warm up to people. We knew that the breed could be prone to health related issues and it was imperative for us to do our due diligence.

We began the task of researching breeders. I called, connected with and reviewed numerous breeders throughout the country. One day, we were driving my daughter from her soccer game I told my husband to stop the car. Startled, he pulled over immediately. Across the street I saw the most beautiful male Samoyed I had ever seen. He was majestically prancing alongside his owners, out for an afternoon stroll. We approached and he was not shy. Far from it, he wanted to play with us! We informed his owners that we were actively looking and they unequivically recommended that we contact Carrie at White Magic. They could not stop talking about how great their dog was, well mannered and absolutely healthy (despite the fact that he was 7 years old).

White Magic had come up in my search but I had been dissuaded by some in "show circles" who tried to convince me that they "breed too much" and that they are "just in it to make money." We decided to research this contention. We were not looking for a "show dog" but we still wanted a genetically sound pup that had a good bloodline, good temperament and most importantly was healthy. As we began to interview other owners they were all consistent in their praise. Like the owners we had encountered in the street, those we spoke with were unanimous in their praise. It was becoming clear that the work that Carrie and her family have done over the past 30 years has yielded fantastic results. None of the "show people" were able to give us specifics other than to critique "the large breeding program." Additionally, as we spoke to them more and more we realized that Carrie's dogs were winning all over the place. This was not as important to us other than the fact that we wanted a Sammy that looked like a Sammy but it certainly helped to explain things as show people are very much known for their competitiveness.

After speaking many hours with Carrie (who was more than happy to impart her 30 years of knowledge) contacting with 5 or 6 owners and reviewing the pedigrees of Carrie's dogs we found that White Magic does indeed have a large breeding program with dogs located all over the world. However, we also found that this breeding program was based upon the desire of many to own a White Magic Samoyeds. More importantly, it became clear to us that Carrie had used her 30 years of experience and knowledge of breeding Samoyed's to perfect her program. She is extremely committed to the breed's health and well being and has done everything to breed to an extremely high standard. The best part for us is that the proof is in the pudding. In March we brought home Rocky who has been nothing short of fantastic! He is a beautiful Samoyed with a fantastic temperament and clean bill of health. We could not be happier and like the other owners that we encountered will recommend Carrie to anybody who will listen!

Alice G

Excellent! Very passionate about the breed, very responsive great to deal with and the Sammys are exquisite! Highly recommend!