Meet the White Magic Samoyeds: How Much Are Samoyed Puppies?

Are you looking for the most popular Samoyed puppy breeders in California? Look no further than White Magic Samoyeds! Located in Chico, this family-run business has over 40 years of experience and knowledge when it comes to producing healthy and beautiful Samoyeds. Whether you’re looking for a show dog or just a loyal companion, White Magic Samoyeds is the place to go. Let’s take a closer look at what makes White Magic Samoyeds so special.


How much are samoyed puppies?

When it comes to bringing one of these cuddly Samoyed puppies home, the cost can depend on the bloodline and other aspects. Generally speaking, most require an investment between $950-$1500. Nevertheless, when considering a pup with award-winning lineage – you may find prices upwards of $3000 or more. Though this might sound like quite a bit at first, be rest assured that is reasonably priced for such top-quality pups compared to what other breeders are offering in today’s market!

You can fill out our Puppy application form and get your Puppy home without thinking much about how much are samoyed puppies!


Best Samoyed Puppy Breeder

Carrie Parma-Collier’s White Magic Samoyeds have truly found their piece of paradise. Having relocated from Brookfield, CT (home to the beautiful Candlewood Lake) Carrie has been able to offer these loving pups a unique breeding program in sunny Florida. With her excellent puppy selection and priority on health, it is no wonder why she is regarded as the Best Samoyed Puppy Breeder.

White Magic Samoyeds are proud to offer puppies with exceptional genetics that are tested for a range of health conditions through X-rays, eye certification by a canine ophthalmologist, heart certification by a board-certified cardiologist, and Paw Print’s genetic DNA testing for PRA/RD. Furthermore, rigorous assessment practices ensure that each pup meets or exceeds breed standards before they are ready to join your family. So, when you bring home a White Magic Samoyed puppy, you can be confident that your newest member of the family will be healthy and top quality!


Are you looking for the most popular Samoyed puppy breeders in California?

For the past four decades, White Magic Samoyeds have been responsible for producing over 300 champions and leading some of the most successful Samoyed programs globally. As a result, we are passionate about sharing our stories online to honour these beautiful creatures. Many of our beloved companions participate in competitive events such as agility courses, obedience training, weight pulling activities or offer therapy services or service work options too!


White samoyed puppy for sale near me

If you’re looking for a White Samoyed puppy for sale near me online, we have puppies available throughout the USA. We always recommend visiting the breeder’s facility in person to better understand who they are. Our team is incredibly proud of our breeding program and takes pride in sharing it with prospective families. We’d love to meet you!

We understand that finding the right Samoyed puppy can be a daunting task. Thankfully, White Magic Samoyeds are here to help guide and make sure your process goes as smoothly as possible. And most importantly, when it’s time for you to bring home your new four-legged friend – we’ll be here every step of the way!

Get in touch with us today to start your search for the most perfect Samoyed puppy. We look forward to hearing from you.