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http://electriccleaner.com/blowers.php, http://electriccleaner.com/blowers.php, | As a professional Dog Groomer myself, this is the best home dryer on the market for the price. The other dryers in pet magazines for $200 to $300 cannot touch this dryer for quality and air volume. Like peas to grapefruits!! Don’t waste your time or money, as time IS money. Purchase a dryer that will do an excellent job keeping your Samoyed in beautiful condition yourself in the comfort of your own home.

The K-9 II is an excellent high power dryer. The K-9 III I recommend for the Professional groomer who has experience with the air volume and grooming Samoyeds or heavy coated dogs or animals.

You can order from me, as I am a distributor for the Electric Cleaner Company or go online to the Electric Cleaner Co. and find a dealer near you. Just give me a call at 203.312.4353 to place your order. All we need is a credit card, the color and model of the II or III and your shipping address. It will arrive within 2 to 5 days.

They come in all color (Black, Metallic Purple, Blue and Forest Green, Red, Pink, Silver and Burgundy. The price of a K-9 II’s is $385.00 or the K-9 III is $430.00 delivered directly to your home, this price includes shipping.”