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I have been using Pedagree Grooming Shampoos for over 20 years now. This product is amazing and great for human hair too!

I have an all breed grooming shop and my customers love the way their dogs feel and smell. I used the pedigree PH Balanced Cleansing Shampoo, with a dash of Ivory around the Samoyeds ears and feet. When my show dogs need a whitening Treatment I use the Ultra Blue Shampoo. This shampoo rinses easily and the coat comes out clean and beautiful.

I then use the Crème Rinse and Detangler and add a dash of the Lanolin Treatment and Coat Conditioner with a splash of water and pour over the dogs main body and coat. I add extra conditioner around the ears, tail, fringing in the back of the front legs and hocks and fanny pants! Rinse really well and you have an amazing coat ready for the K-9 dryer to dry and do the final conditioning when brushing with the Chris Christensen slicker and doing your finish work with the #1 All Systems Comb.,,,,