White Magic Samoyeds: The Best Samoyeds Breeders in the USA

Samoyed Puppies have become extremely popular. They have a very special place in the hearts of most dog enthusiasts due to their constant smiles and friendly demeanor. Additionally, their lovely and plush white coat is everyone’s favorite part.

White Magic Samoyeds is the best place to buy healthy and beautiful Samoyed puppies in the USA. Our puppies are carefully bred and health-certified. We are proud to say that our breeding program has produced over 300 samoyed champions over the last forty years.

The white magic team has also bred some of the top-winning Samoyeds worldwide. For us, the goal is to share the stories of these beautiful Samoyeds online. They achieve agility, obedience, weight pull, therapy, and service dog work.


Are You a Good Match for a Samoyed?

The respectable Samoyeds are lively and devoted pets but require plenty of attention. They demand a lot of human time and daily exercises, with regular care for their stunning white coats. You should get a samoyed only when you have the time for their proper care.

Samoyed puppies interact well with other animals, including cats, which is rare. Additionally, they get along well with young children, which is excellent. Lastly, they do best in homes that put them to work; they flourish in these environments.

If you are considering getting one, here’s why you should choose us for the best pure Samoyed puppies:


When putting up Samoyed puppies for sale, we place high importance on transparency and honesty. We shall be open and honest with you about our breeding procedures, the dogs, their health history, and the animal’s parents.

Additionally, we are prepared to show you the surroundings used to raise the dogs and puppies. We promote openness and will respond to your inquiries about the upbringing and care of our Samoyeds.


As the best sellers of pure Samoyed puppies, you can be confident when dealing with us, as we are highly informed about Samoyeds. This includes the breed’s national and international requirements and its different dispositions.

All your inquiries about our white furry friends, including the breed’s history and standards, prevalent health issues, and preferred habitats, will be answered by us.

We have the best samoyed puppies for sale in the USA waiting for you to purchase.

Excellent Customer Service 

As for our Samoyed puppies ready for adoption, we are always very concerned about the welfare of our animals. Our team shall take you through the process and provide advice after the sale. Please get in touch if you have any questions about your new pet.

Detailed Contracts

Before you can buy one of our samoyed puppies, you must sign a contract. Moreover, as part of our contract, we guarantee that our dogs are healthy and have received the necessary vaccinations and dewormings for their age.

The contract also has some conditions for you, as the buyer. Proper housing and food are some of the requirements, among other criteria, to guarantee the dog receives good care.

Socialized Puppies

Our Samoyed puppies for sale in the USA are well-socialized from a young age and equipped with the early life skills they need.


Buy Samoyed Puppies in CT Today!

White Magic Samoyeds have the best Samoyed Puppies in the USA. We have a unique breeding program that offers the healthiest puppies. Additionally, our founder resides in Florida, and the Samoyeds seem to love it here.

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You never know; the next home for our precious Samoyeds could be yours. Please feel free to contact us today for more details. We look forward to working with you.